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What is Peace?

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Peace is something that we cannot describe by words, Peace is only can feel by experience it.

Luckily I was born in Bali in a large family of traditional healers and high priests, which in the daily life our elders show us how to live in Peace and harmony.

Peace is not something that others can give to us, same as happiness. No one can make us feel happy, only our self can make ourselves happy. It is in our self, we, our self the only can create that feeling. When we feel unpeace or unhappy that is because we allow the outer touch or disturb our inner world. So I think all depend how we handle our inner and outer life. Life is so simple, only our self make it difficult somethime.

One of my teachers one day shared to me about Peace ……

At the conscious start of our spiritual journey, almost every individual feel’s that peace is beyond reach. Because most likely, finding peace is the, trigger’’ of getting on that spiritual journey. As the mounting flame of our aspiration climbs higher and higher, inner peace start blossoming spontaneously in the very core of our being. One day we notice that we abide in the sea of peace, that we can never be separated from peace.

Peace is something tangible. It silences the outgoing energy of the mind and feeds the aspiring heart. Peace is not merely the absence of quarreling and fighting. True peace is not affected by roaring of the world, outer or inner. The sea of peace is at our command if we practice the spiritual life.


Peace of mind peace of heart 

The first step toward peace of mind is to sincerely feel that we are not indispensable.

We can lack peace of mind because we fell that others need something from us, or we need something from others. We feel that if we do not do this or say that, than the world will collapse or everything will go wrong immediately. But the moment we can sincerely feel that we are not indispensable, we will not have to go anywhere to get peace, for peace will immediately come to us.

Another way to acquire peace of mind is to feel that nothing is unduly important, as long as we do not desert God and embrace that God does not desert us.

Embrace that God will never desert us because He is all compassion, and even if we try our hardest, we will not be able to desert God because He is omnipresent. Except for God, nothing on earth is indispensable. If we can consciously and continuously make our self feel that He alone is indispensable, then nothing can take away our peace of mind.

We cannot have peace in our outer life unless and until we have first fully embraced peace in our inner life. It is in our inner world where conception and the birth of all takes place.

Peace itself is the strength. If we have inner peace, we will encounter joy and delight when we connect to the outer world. The outer world will be experienced more in balance when we have peace of heart and peace of mind.

(End quote)

In Bali, we learn by experience to live in peace and balance with the seen and the unseen world already from we were little. We learn from our parents to give, give without expecting anything.

In Bali, our individual live is based on TRI HITA KARANA

Hita means “welfare” and Karana means “cause “.Tri Hita Karana means Three Causes of Welfare, or general well being.

In ancient days, not only on the island of Bali, but people living throughout the Indonesian Archipelago lived their lives guided by the Tri Hita Karana.

The inner significance of Tri Hita Karana is keeping the balance and harmony between God and human for all mankind, between human and human and between mankind and the environment.

In the Balinese language, we use three terms for these three types of relationship:

1. Parahyangan for our relationship with God.

2. Pawongan for our relationship with other human beings.

3. Palemahan for our relationship with the environment.

There are so many differences to encounter and experience in our life’s journey,different colors of the human skin, much different nations and countries, tribes, religions, traditions and cultures in this world, but if we look at all the differences as a source of problems than there CAN be no Peace in our inner world or in the outside world.

We, at the Bali isle strongly believe and actively participate in our life’s that in keeping balance within these’’ three cases of welfare’’, harmony will stay present and where harmony is present, there is Peace.

Don’t look at any difference as being a problem

Embrace all differences, because as humans we are one and united

Then there will be Peace


“May there be peace in the heart, peace in the world, peace in all”


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