The great awakening of the native peoples has begun

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The great awakening of the native peoples has begun

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IV International Summit of Ancestral Knowledge,
peoples and original nationalities in movement.

by Paulo Tejeda

With the participation of more than 20 indigenous peoples of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, delegations from Mexico and Argentina, peasants, and representatives of the afro and rom-gypsies peoples, the IV International Summit of Ancestral Knowledge was held in Bogotá, Colombia, between the days 18 and 20 of the current month.

The Indigenous House Headquarters of the 14 Indigenous Peoples in Bogotá, and the Maloka of the Botanical Garden of the city, were the spaces in which the participating communities gathered, to deliberate, to expose their visions and their problems, and to find points of agreement and common action. Also, to raise a voice of alert in relation to the emergency that crosses our Mother Earth.


Academic panels, work tables, discussions, and important deliberation instances gave form to this meeting, whose previous editions took place in the cities of Potosí (Colombia, 2015), Quito (Ecuador, 2016) and Lima (Peru, 2017).

As a highlight of this Fourth Edition, the formation of the Abya Yala Council of Wise Men and Knowers stands out, which has been in full power of action and will have as its responsibility the guidance, preservation and spiritual care of the International Summit from now on.

“The purpose of this Summit was to create the Council of Wise Men, and we have created that Council, it has been installed and they have raised their first ritual today,” said Mama María de Jesús Erira Cuastumal, Governor of the Cabildo de los Pastos. , and one of the organizers of the meeting.


Another aspect of relevance has been the collective and unanimous decision that, for its V Edition, the Summit moves north and takes place in the brother country of Mexico.

The academic panels and the work tables contributed the deliberative nuance to the meeting. Five thematic axes – Traditional Medicine and Food Sovereignty, Territory and Environment, Self-Education, Intercultural Self-Communication, and Human Rights and Indigenous Rights – gave shape to collective reflection while providing proposals to work, in each area, on joint way.

As if this were not enough, the closing day of the IV Summit was dressed as a party, with the live presentation of music and dance groups, and the realization of a fair of handicrafts and musical instruments.

“The great awakening of the native peoples has begun. We owe this great awakening to all our ancestors, who have returned in the hearts of the new generations and have made this great, “Governor Mama María de Jesús Cuastumal concludes with emotion.

Three days of meeting and ceremony, a great minga of thought through which the people of Abya Yala continue to strengthen and raise their voice and that of our Mother Earth.

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