Pre-forum and festival for nature’s rights

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Pre-forum and festival for nature’s rights

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As part of the International Earth Day

Date: 21​st ​and 22​nd​ of April 2018

Time: 9:00 AM

Where: Centro de Memoria Paz y Reconciliación

Bogotá – Colombia

In order to channel the actions directed towards the fulfillment of the III International Forum for Nature’s rights – Colombia 2019, we formally extend the invitation to participate in the ​Pre-forum and Festival for Nature’s rights ​the following ​21​st ​and 22​nd​ of April.

The United Nations Organisation (UNO), the bolivian and ecuadorian constitutions, the rivers, the jungles and natural parks, New Zealand, India, Mexico, Brazil and the UK already speak about Earth’s Jurisprudence and Nature’s rights. In Colombia, the Atrato river and Amazon rainforest were finally recognized as ​rightful subjects ​based on Biocultural Rights. Our era obliges us to transform the anthropocentric paradigm to a Biocentered way of life.

In search of this task, multiple international events have been made. In Mexico the Multidisciplinary Forum for Mother Earth’s rights and soon in São Paulo the ll International Forum for Nature’s rights (​ll Fórum Internacional pelos Direitos da Mậe Terra​)​. As so we plan the ​lll International Forum for Nature’s Rights in Colombia. We invite all to participate and co-create.

We hope to bring together leaders in governance, entrepreneurs, artists, mass media, agricultural producers, head farmers, Indian communities, wisemen, organized civil societies, Human Rights advocates, animals defendants, ecologists, NGOs, students and all citizens to create a strategy that permits us the inclusion of Nature’s rights to our national and local legislations.

It is for that reason, the ​21​st ​of April at Bogotá we will at 9 AM to define this strategy and create a work-schedule to obtain our objective. We hope everyone assists to the ​Pre- Forum for Nature’s Rights ​at the ​Centro Memoria, Paz y Reconciliación​​, Carrera 19b # 24-86, Bogotá – Colombia.

The 22​nd of April, the Earth Day, we anxiously await you at the Nature’s Rights Festival to be celebrated at the Renacimiento Park (Carrera 19b # 24-86) where we will be simultaneously connected with Brazil. We will have as well divers artistic interventions in the framework of Earth’s protection.

We invite all to bond together and so we achieve the recognition of nature’s rights as a symbol of our civilization and to rescue our connection with the rivers, mountains, wetlands, plants and animals. To respect and value Nature as a living being, we will show a new initiative. Change is now, today we can give a step forward.



“Nature is alive and has rights”

Register at:

Hashtag: #SIDerechosdelaNaturaleza

Information: +57 315 703 2405


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