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“Manifesto for Mother Earth” presented by Alberto Ruz

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Alberto Ruz Buenfil (Coyote):

  • Mexican, son of the archaeologist Ruz Lhuillier, discoverer of the royal tomb of Pakal in Palenque;
  • With more than forty years dedicated to study, creation and promotion of the culture of peace, of which he is pioneer, the veteran and historian of the ecovillage movement, networks of bio-regionalism for social and spiritual change.
  • Ceremony master, founder of the Rainbow Caravan for Peace, who has traveled to 17 countries in Central and South America (1996-2009), is a writer, co-founder of the Huehuecoyotl ecological community in Tepoztlán, Mexico;
  • Creator and coordinator of the Council of Visions Guardians of the Earth -Mexico (1990-2015). Today he is one of the coordinators of the First International Forum for the Rights of Mother Earth in Mexico, that took place in June 2016. He is currently on a tour of Italy promoting the Rights of Mother Earth.

Ecoaldea Huehuecóyotl, Mexico, 2015:

The history of humanity is marked by constant struggles for the rights to a free and fair life, fraternal, with social equity, gender, race and age, based on reciprocity: a healthy, generous, community, and respectful life in harmony with the cycles of nature and the cosmos, because these are the regulators that allow us to continue existing, as a species and all the other species that share this mother in common, the Mother Earth.

We could summarize the history of Earth law among those who propose a model of “good living” versus those in power who seek to maintain a status quo based on domination, racial injustice; sexual, generational and social individualism, exacerbating competition and the continue exploitation of both: nature and other human beings, disparaging all forms of life, human and not human.

In other words, it is a struggle between an anthropocentric vision and a biocentric existence.

The struggles for the abolition of slavery lasted centuries of our history, as did the struggles of national liberation movements to end colonialism, struggles to restore gender equality, so that women could have the same rights as men, civil rights struggles to abolish social racism and economic struggles for a better distribution of wealth, generational rights, and more recently the struggle for cultural rights and sexual orientation, the rights of indigenous peoples, rights for housewives, work, the elderly and many others.

But it was not until 1948 that governments around the world adopted a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as a result of centuries of social struggles to reach each of these rights.

However, in this long and painful process, mankind has forgotten that humans are only one species, which depend to survive completely removed from the rest of the elements, micro ecosystems of nature and macro ecosystems of the Cosmos.

However, since the 20th century began to appear here and there the first defenders of animals, rivers, seas, forests, mountains, native seeds, natural lands and sacred sites, biodiversity, and the clean energy that, in parallel, began to create security espaces of resilience, sustainability, implementation of new ecotécnicas, learning and taking the forms of production, decision making, education and health, as well as the spiritual practices of the original and emerging cultures, trying to restore an harmonious relationship with Mother Earth and its life cycles.

And today, this process leads us to understand that without legislation that takes into account the Rights of Nature, our own survival as a species is in danger of extinction, so we are following the example of the andean peoples, especially Ecuador And Bolivia, and now also in Mexico City, we are preparing the first lines to resume the principles of Good Living or Sumak Kawsay, and to update the complex modern world in which we live to change the model of “development” blindly and the unlimited “progress” that is killing all natural elements and cultural biodiversity, so that we can think of leaving a possible path for future generations.

That is why we invite all environmentalists, ecologists, artivists and defenders of nature, the inhabitants of ecovillages, permaculture makers, ecofeminists, scientists, politicians and conscientious entrepreneurs, traditional communities and communities in transition to think deeply about this, and participate in local, national and global campaigns, to join all those who are currently fighting for a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth.

For all our relationships.



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