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The Misak inhabit the department of Cauca, Colombia, their thinking is dual, based on oppositions like Sol-Luna, history shows us that the Misak people exist hundreds of years before the arrival of Europeans.

Its territory is organized taking as its axis the flow of water and also with the vision of a sexed world, there is a feminine part of the territory to the left of the rivers and a masculine part to its right, for the Misak people, the territory is their more sensitive element, the invasion of their lands meant the appropriation of the fundamental part of that female part, the whole process of struggle was then to recover that part of their territory to rebuild the pair, somehow the male thread broke up .

La Abuela Agustina is an expert weaver, a wise from Misak, a mentor to the midwives, received her wisdom as a midwife in her dreams, she has traveled throughout Colombia and participated in many encounters, conveying the experiences of the Misak people. Has been able to translate into spanish, with words that we can understand, the wisdom contained in her integrative thinking, she understands the western world and technology, recently asked to help her to get a Facebook and manage the Watssup perfectly. What she do the best is to weave.

For the Misak people, tissue, weaver is a methodology of knowledge applied to practical life. The weave is a living being that represents Mother Earth, universal bag that embrace us, envelops us and contains us; Is a cavity, a matrix, an uterus.

The tissue, the weave is blessed by mothers, grandmothers and daughters, putting the tissue in the center of the heart; The creation is inspired by a desing, also the umbilical cord is a thread; When a Misak woman looks at the sky she looks at stars woven, her fabric is an imitation of that, work with the earth, sowing, cultivating and feeding is also a weave, knitting a star is symbol of abundance, the table of home will always be full, sociocultural values are transmitted through beans, corn, pumpkin, symbols of childhood, family and humanity, the seed is the beginning and the end of their worldview, politics, art and science.

A determining feature of this tissue methodology is energy reciprocity, where the world, in its constitutive unit, is dynamic, eternally alive and articulated by an endless series of cosmic nerves, arteries and veins. It’s a written language in the design of its tissues, there is an instruction of life, coexistence, about how to make community, this method of thought is an invitation to be more humble every day and expand our spectrum, while posing a challenge which aims to generate different and more inclusive management dialogues, there we can generate a weave too. It is a blessing that this method has reached into our territory and flourishes in our way of thinking, full of ignorance; Our language, mainly conceptual, is very closed and can become very abstract, whereas this other way of thinking the world, from the point of view of the Misak, in relation to the conceptual thought that, often, by its level of Abstraction, is artificial, in relation to this other, feels more “organic” inside the mind and also affects the heart, which makes it even more “friendly to the environment”, in the Miyak world what is said is woven or It is thought, what is weaved is sown, what is sown is grown, thought as the seeds are also grown, the balance between humans and elements is also weaved. We do not own the land, we are weavers. To weave is to recover the memory, the threads are the roots of the world and the roots of the world are the roots of the spirit.

The spirit is not for sale and the basis of the spirit is the Earth, Her stones, Her plants, Her animals, Her rivers, Her oceans, Her valleys, deserts, plains and lagoons. The return of the sacred, man and woman, food and family is the center of the new era, the cultural and spiritual destiny of the world is in the hands of these weavers, often with our attitudes we act like scissors cutting our ancestral threads, but it is time to meet us, without knots, that is the true power, not ours, of our Mother Earth, the commitment is to give strength to the weave, to join the times says Earth, to join religions says Mother , join the nations, that is the only legacy we are going to leave, it is not for us, it is for every human being, all vegetal and mineral being, the commitment is to give strength to that spiritual fabric. Respect, dance, thankfulness, singing, reciprocity and permanent unconditional love are the threads to weave fullness.

We need to weave the threads that dictate laws that protect life, native seed, agroecology, we need the social fabric that allows us to be well organized so that soils with an agricultural vocation in the world sustain the agro-alimentary culture and listen to the call of the Mother Earth that resonates in the hearts of humanity.

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