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Lucilla Nogueira
(Rio de Janeiro 1950-Recife 2016)

She was a Brazilian writer of-galician origin, has twenty-five books of published poetry and several essays, in addition to many articles in books, printed magazines and online. His work is gathered within the so-called Tetralogy Iberian, which constitutes an intercultural dialogue made from its galician, lusitanas and Brazilian roots.

He lived in Rio de Janeiro with intervals of permanence between that city and recife.
She was also a translator, editor and storyteller, as well as a professor of Brazilian literature, Portuguese literature, African literature, literary literature, literary creation and literary theory at the graduation of the federal university of pernambuco;
In Grad school, he developed the lines of comparative literature, Literature-Society-and memory, cultural fantasy, teaching disciplines such as poetry theory, fiction theory, ideology and literature, literature and madness, Portuguese language literature of the th century and literaturahispano – American.

His book zinganares was published and released in Lisbon, in 1998, at the Brazilian Embassy. The Resident Writer in Saint-Nazaire, France, during December 1999, has poems and stories published in France, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, United States, turkey and Portugal. She was the first Brazilian to participate in the international poetry festival of medellín, in her 2006th version (2006) considered the world’s largest in public and participants. He also represented Brazil at the XII International Festival of poetry in Havana, in the xv meeting of women poets in the country of the clouds, held in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he developed his workshop of poetry and story for children and adolescents of the communities Mexican indigenous, also represented in Mexico, Brazil in the fourth ibero-American poetry meeting Carlos Pellicer, in vila hermosa, state of Tabasco. The book “Tabasco” was written during his stay in Mexico.

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